The Chef's Life

The company, The Chef's Life, began in late 2009 as the means by which my new cookbook, The Best of Cottey Cooking, would be marketed and sold.

The name of the company reflects my daily life as a chef - constantly working with food ideas from diverse sources, developing recipes for the student menus at Cottey College, for the fine-dining events that we do, as well as exploring my personal journey to make a fruit, vegetable and whole-grain diet more flavorful. One day I might be working on a grilled Italian flatbread sandwich recipe for our students, the next day a layered chocolate torte for an upcoming banquet, then another trying to improve the flavor of a vegan béchamel-style sauce for a vegetarian lasagna. In 2009, I journeyed into the nuances of Latin American as well as Native American cuisines in response to requests to coordinate our dining fare to on-campus celebrations of these cultural heritages.

The Chef's Life is the culmination of my experience as a chef and leader in the food industry. My approach to food and the recipes I write reflect my diverse culinary experiences and interests. I believe my greatest service to my readers, and a talent that I possess as a chef, is to take professional level recipes and adapt them so even a novice cook can prepare the recipes successfully. Using equipment and ingredients that are readily available and step-by-step instructions, my desire is to help the home cook elevate and energize his or her own cuisine to a new and exciting level.